UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Geographic Information Systems (GIS):

Real-time GIS like this, has not been possible until now. The UAVSC puts the ability to shoot high quality geo tagged photos into your hands. No need to contract expensive aircraft or work around someone else’s schedule. The UAVSC can be deployed quickly, easily and often, collecting imagery which can be imported into GIS databases, stitched together and used to generate 3D reconstructions.

Private Security:

Perhaps the challenge is to secure an open-pit mine? Or oversee a significant sporting or political event? Or monitor a safe house? In all cases whether you’re securing people, property or equipment – constant monitoring of all activities in the area surrounding your asset is an absolute necessity. Multiple UAVSC’s constantly following a pre-planned route, such as the perimeter of a site, will provide you non-stop aerial intelligence keeping your assets as safe as possible.

Aerial Photography:

Armed with a daytime digital video and still camera, the UAVSC is well suited to provide high quality aerial photography and video. The on-board intelligence keeps the system level and stable, allowing the operator to focus 100% on the task at hand – taking the best quality images possible.


Tactical Surveillance:

When you’re on the ground in the midst of a mission there is no time for second guessing – decisions need to be made quickly and decisively. Finding out exactly what’s happening on the other side of the hill – or anywhere within a 3 km range – provides ground forces the information required to make the best decisions possible. UAVSC brings the world of aerial intelligence directly to the forces on the ground. The simple to use touch-screen interface allows any soldier to become an expert in tactical surveillance gathering. And real-time, secure streaming of digital video to any device on the network provides the intelligence to the people that require it.

Covert Reconnaissance:

Carefully planning your next move requires knowing exactly what your target is doing. Instant access to real-time intelligence of what’s happening – especially beyond your line of site – is vital. With the UAVSC accessible to field command, access to this intelligence is literally a few clicks away. UAVSC touch-screen GPS based interface means you can fly beyond line of site and see what’s happening anywhere within a 3 km range. Even night time flying with thermal or infra-red imaging is possible as the flyer does not need to be within visual range to control. And with only four small electric motors the system is quiet, and can hover in place while collecting real-time covert reconnaissance.


In some cases, the best tactic is an overt operation – you want potential hostiles to know you`re watching them. To secure a site or manage large crowds of people, the best prevention can be constant, overt monitoring of the site’s perimeter. UAVSC pre- planned flight paths and the ability to control multiple units simultaneously provide consistent and constant aerial security.


The first job at hand with post disaster relief is to understand exactly the extent of what you`re dealing with before putting any more human lives in danger. The UAVSC puts the power of aerial intelligence directly into the hands of the first responders. Real-time video streaming will show not only the extent of the damage but may also warn responders of additional hazards. Geo-tagged digital photographs provide an aerial record of the on-ground situation completely untouched.

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