ID Scan Biometrics

ArmForce Security’s continued investment in the latest technology, HR and security systems puts us many steps ahead of the rest. Our partners, I D Scan Biometrics are the leaders in the field of id authentisication and operate the world’s largest ID document library.

As fraudulent ID document methods become more sophisticated ArmForce & ID SCAN identify the specific risks exposed to your organization, and through the consultation process our experts will advise the most efficient types of screening that will best mitigate these risks.

We are able to assist you in the reading, extraction and verification of data and documents from more than 2600 global identity documents, including passports, driving licenses, national IDs and Visas. The Largest Document Reading Database in the world.

Our ID scan systems can be used and made mobile to any of our clients to quickly identify fraudulent and dishonest individuals using fake , forged or altered documents that could be a threat to you, your business or your assets.

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